PanBiscò is a sponsor of the 17th “Ambassador of Apulian Lands” Award to be held in Milan on Friday, Nov. 24, at the Testori Auditorium of the Palazzo di Lombardia.

The event is organized and promoted by the Associazione Regionale Pugliesi di Milano, a historic association operating in Milan since 1921 that aggregates and represents Apulians in Milan.

“We have decided,” said Luigi Picerno, PanBiscò administrator, “to once again support this important Award that from Milan recognizes and enhances each year the excellence of Puglia, whatever sector they belong to. I recall with satisfaction that in 2021 I was honored as the president of the Consortium for the Protection and Enhancement of Pop Bread. With our two flagship products, the
Bruschetta di Altamura
and the
Crostini Tozzapane
, we have helped to spread awareness of Altamura and Apulian baked goods in northern Italy, and the response in terms of consumption has been extraordinary. But our commitment continues with the goal of spreading Bruschetta di Altamura® and Crostini Tozzapane® more and more in Lombardy and throughout northern Italy. The Milanese love Puglia and we love Milan.””

“The appointment,” the organizers write, “is the continuity of an initiative germinated from the desire to give recognition to those who contribute to the enhancement of the human, cultural and social heritage of the lands of Apulia. It was born with the intention of discovering, knowing and making known through the awardees, the excellences, thought, culture, industriousness and ingenuity of those people, who have become population of the lands of Puglia or who have an affective and descent link with Puglia.”

Announced the Apulians who will be honored: Romina Power (singer and actress), Salvatore Rossi (economist, TIM president), Paolo Pagliaro (radio and television publisher, Telerama president), Ermanno Leo (medical surgeon, Gold Medal of Merit for Public Health).