Since 2019, the Biscò company from Altamura has been the official sponsor of an extraordinary local sports reality: the Biscò Leonessa Altamura, a women’s volleyball team led excellently by Prof. Claudio Marchisio.

A union, we could say, natural, which has always linked Biscò’s handicrafts and sports. And supporting this link is the company’s owner, Mr. Luigi Picerno, who has always been convinced that sportsmen and women express a healthy lifestyle, and it is therefore essential that their nutrition be qualitatively high and, above all, artisanal.

Biscò and Picerno wanted to offer, therefore, in the 2021 season, a greater commitment to support those who, with so much dedication and sacrifice, are bringing up the name of Altamura volleyball, in a very difficult Championship as that of the C series.

Thus was born Biscò Leonessa Altamura, a team built on the professionalism of its staff and the enthusiasm of a group of girls, champions on and off the field, with one goal: to win while having fun, without ever neglecting the healthy and balanced lifestyle that Biscò has always proposed with its products.


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