Physical-sporting activity and proper nutrition are very closely linked: on the one hand, through proper nutrition the body introduces the energy and nutrients necessary for the performance of sporting activity, and on the other hand, the latter enables the body to achieve and maintain a good state of health and a condition of mental and physical well-being over time.

Physical activity and nutrition must necessarily travel on two parallel and perfectly coordinated tracks as complementary factors of good health and optimal outcome.

It is essential for those involved in sports, whether amateur or competitive, to choose healthy foods, preferably from organic farming, without preservatives, additives or other substances potentially harmful to health.

And that’s why PanBiscò goodness is a guarantee of quality, with a very short ingredient list consisting only and exclusively of certified and local products such as extra virgin olive oil from Puglia.

The company is currently the main sponsor of PanBiscò Leonessa Volleyball (B2 series), with Luigi Picerno as executive and honorary president. A perfect match, Sport-PanBiscò, since the company’s products are much loved by athletes such as Sara Marchesano (pictured), a very young volleyball hopeful who plays in the PanBiscò Leonessa Volley with the central role.