The story of PanBiscò begins in the past, from the extraordinary tale of a man who decides to work in the baking business at a very young age.

PanBiscò is a business where authentic values such as family and respect for the consumer are unquestionable cornerstones. Luigi Picerno runs the company with the support of his three children (Stella, Nicola and Rossana), his wife Maria and a team of excellent workers, constantly experimenting and inventing new and tasty products starting with bread. Last, in chronological order, the Bruschetta di Altamura®, an innovative, good and ready-to-eat product, and the Crostini Tozzapane®, a tasty and healthy snack, suitable for eating out and very versatile in the kitchen.

The staple of Luigi Picerno, for all Gino, is to believe in the potential of our land, doing his part. “Bread represents our identity, our essence,” these are his recurring words. The same raw materials and native durum wheat varieties grown on the Murgia plateau are used. The preparation of the bread sees the repetition of the same processing steps every day, first entrusted to women and now to Altamura’s master bakers. There is a great responsibility to protect this product that our ancestors handed down to us.

A company that believes in this land and knows that it is our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment and nature that hosts us, where sustainability is a genuine value that must be translated into deeds and not just words. And it is thanks to the willingness to experiment and invent new products that take into account the needs of today’s consumer, without neglecting the selection of strictly local raw materials, that the Murgia economy is helped and health is safeguarded.