A simple product and perfect base for fresh and creative recipes with seasonal products and Italian gastronomic excellence.

If we say frise we immediately think of Puglia, the unmistakable colors and flavors, the crystal clear sea, expanses of wheat, unspoiled landscapes, warmth and hospitality.

Frise or friselle have ancient origins, and their doughnut shape came about because of transportation and storage needs. Since the frise kept for a long time thanks to the simple ingredients such as water, remilled durum wheat semolina, salt, yeast and cooked as many as twice, they were strung on a string then closed almost to form a necklace so that they would be practical to hang and eat over time. Or they were carried by sailors who, when eating them, would bathe them with seawater and then season them with oil and “enrich” them with poor foods available to them.

Stuffed with vegetables or fish, frise are an excellent appetizer or main course with Mediterranean flavors.

The recipe for frise has remained unchanged over time and, today as in the past, they can be enriched with simple products typical of the south and of our Puglia.

PanBiscò, which has always been attentive to the needs and tastes of consumers, has created 3 formats of handmade frise: classic with remilled durum wheat semolina, whole wheat, and durum wheat with flax and sunflower seeds.