Tasteful and healthy eating is everyone’s priority. The convivial pleasure of being at the table, of satisfying the senses and the palate first and foremost, must come to terms, for many, with the need for a balance that allows one to eat with taste and without excess.

Can one, then, eat something tasty, with few but wholesome ingredients, without the notorious senses of strokes and without health “attacks”? Mens sana in corpore sano said the Latins, and it is true that a healthy body is more snappy, carburets better, and allows the mind to be more focused.

“Centering,” which is difficult to achieve, allows you to feel at peace with yourself and your body. Everyone has their own balance and personal relationship with food, certain is that some foods are better absorbed by the body. Without demonizing chocolate and chips, in medius stat virtus (and the ancient sages return again), it is necessary to understand that the important thing is, precisely, not to overdo the intake of certain foods. It is preferable in the daily routine not to deprive oneself of grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits that provide the right amount of macronutrients. The much-acclaimed Mediterranean diet, which is nothing more than the diet of our ancestors.

And it is good to teach, starting with the youngest children, that a product with a reduced ingredient list is preferable to processed foods. Children have a special gift, which is to be unprejudiced and to play a lot with food. A colorful dish attracts a lot of attention, and even older children should learn how to try their hand at fun plating. In nature we have, fortunately, the best colors that the human mind can never create: think of the red of tomatoes, the orange of carrots, squash or oranges, the green of zucchini and cabbage. But the list would really be endless. Also, it’s all in the presentation: a child who has little tolerance for vegetables will perhaps have more pleasure in experiencing a new food by playing with it or trying it in a different guise. Also, always choose seasonal products in favor of proximity and sustainability. The good fortune of being born in Apulia and the Murgia area is that there are an endless variety of good, tasty foods that are good for our bodies. There persists, fortunately, a focus on recovering traditional recipes, so poor in ingredients but so rich in taste.

PanBiscò products are just that: territory, taste, well-being, sustainability. A very short ingredient list and the use of only the best of Apulian territory.

Educating young children about healthy eating starts with the choices we make at the supermarket and the dishes we bring to the table. We educate children to educate ourselves.