September is the month of restarting: new beginnings, good resolutions and the nostalgia of the summer season that is coming to an end, with all the baggage of memories and experiences.

What could be better than a tasty appetizer to share with friends or loved ones?

Here is an easy, yummy, quick and colorful recipe!

We recommend choosing only quality and seasonal ingredients.

Are you ready? Lace up your apron and follow the step-by-step process.

INGREDIENTS (for 4 bruschetta)
  • Bruschetta di Altamura® PanBiscò

  • 100 g of mortadella (in a single thick-cut slice)

  • 100 g robiola or soft spreadable cheese

  • grilled peppers

  • e.v.o. oil

  • pepper

  • Dice the mortadella and coarsely chop it with the mixer then add the robiola and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, without adding salt, and give it a few more strokes of the mixer.

  • Mix and add a light grinding of pepper.

  • Spread the mortadella cream on the Altamura bruschetta and add grilled peppers to taste.