Those who say bruschetta think of a summer classic: fresh, quick, tasty and convivial. Everyone really likes it because its characteristics make it unique despite its simplicity.

Being able to share this pleasure even after the summer is a luxury. You have to have good bread, warm it to the right temperature to get the perfect crispness. And then quality extra virgin olive oil, preferably from Puglia you know, salt and oregano.

The Bruschetta di Altamura®, an original PanBiscò idea, is the ideal dinner saver, a very versatile product also suitable for snacks or light and tasty snacks. Great because it is ready-made, prepared with remilled durum wheat semolina bread and only the best oil from Puglia.

The combinations that Bruschetta di Altamura® unleashes are many and delicious: simple with tomato or to accompany salads or soups. It is also perfect for an aperitif with friends and accompanied by vegetable or meat creams and pates. Even by itself, just open the package-one pulls the other!

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