Those who do not know stories of lands made of sun, sea, scents and colors changing from season to season, where the rhythms are still marked by the times of nature, of the countryside, and where family history is still handed down through the communication of a passion, cannot understand what it means to devote oneself to a passion like Wine.
For this reason, within the Festival Il Libro Possibile there is a section dedicated to Vino Possibile: both to raise awareness and promote the world of wine, and of small and large Apulian realities, and to encourage the enjoyment of the world of books dedicated to wines, agriculture and gastronomy linked to the territory. A journey into the culture of wine, through Italian gastronomy, with the support of authors, and a deep reflection on the products of the earth, natural biorhythms, and respect for an ancient time that does not bend to the will of commerce, but expresses in respect its maximum result.