“One can get addicted to good things…. And one of them is certainly sports.”

This happy quote is from champion Alessandro Zanardi.

SPORTIVITY, the first fair entirely dedicated to Sport, takes its cue and inspiration from it, and aims to carry out activities and demonstrations, both practical and interactive, of a wide variety of disciplines. The Fair also features targeted events and meetings where sportsmen, professionals and exhibitors have the opportunity to share experiences, expertise and strategies with a large number of passionate visitors. There are many sports activities that enliven SPORTIVITY: from soccer and volleyball to skating, dance and playground. Not forgetting the tennis, swimming, aerobics, fitness, archery, track and field, trail running, and many others. A rich and compelling program in which the real stars will be… YOU! A 3-day event embellished by the participation of prominent figures, important testimonials from the world of sports and beyond.

SPORTIVITY represents a great opportunity for all those who want to learn more about different sports and have a desire to deepen their knowledge on topics such as: Sports education and culture. For future champions, the Fair includes a series of activities and seminars dedicated to educational institutions in order to promote, among students, the cardinal principles of sports. The event also ensures usability for the disabled by providing adequate dedicated spaces and services. SPORTIVITY does not end there. Free rein also given to artistic performances, entertainment and conferences held by prominent personalities in the fields of sports, medicine, institutions, and social work. This event aims to play a central role in the range of Italian kermesses. Of today and the future.