One company, a thousand ideas and many dreams in the drawer. Those dreams that slowly take shape and substance.

Luigi Picerno leads a very close-knit team, with the help of not only his children but also his young grandchildren, who give PanBiscò an extra edge in its growth.

In the pipeline, three thousand square meters of opificio coming up in the artisanal area of Via Gravina in Altamura, to expand and contain the increasingly large and numerous projects.

A dream Luigi Picerno has long cherished: a monument dedicated to Pane diAltamura DOP and its

bakers to be placed in a strategic spot, and to be given to the city of Altamura.

And then many initiatives in support of Murgia’s excellence in which the undisputed king is the Pane di Altamura DOP, to the promotion of the territory and the social fabric in which a place of honor is occupied by sports.

Two new products recently launched but immediately won everyone over with their goodness and wholesomeness: Bruschetta di Altamura®️ and Crostini Tozzapane®️.

A drawer full of ideas, to be opened slowly…waiting for the next one!