To promote and enhance the commercial, artisan and dedicated food and beverage activities that constitute historical and cultural evidence of the Apulian territory: with this objective, Regional Law No. 30 of 2021 thanks to which there are now 792 historical and traditional activities of Apulia. After an initial recognition to 488 historic stores, historic artisan workshops and historic premises with 30, 40 and 70 years of activity, the Apulia Region, after special preliminary investigation, listed an additional 304 businesses operating throughout the region, of which as many as 14 activities are from Altamura.

“Heritage of Apulia” are the historical activities with at least 70 years of activity, a total of 26, and 124 those with at least 40 years of activity.

The purpose of the recognition, which is done through participation in a special call for entries, is precisely to reward the important work done by those realities that constitute evidence of the history, art, culture and entrepreneurial tradition of the Apulian territory and to support them through a series of initiatives. Support in order to ensure a generational transition that is essential so that the history of a piece of Apulia is not lost.

Biscò Bakery has been listed among the 131 “historic stores,” which are local units that conduct retail business in fixed premises or within markets in public areas.

With nearly 50 years in business (at its historic location at 173 Bari Street), the story of Panificio Biscò begins in the past, from the extraordinary tale of a man who decided to work in the baking business at a very young age. With passion and experience, pride in the land to which they belong, solid values handed down over time but also vision, attention to market trends and consumer tastes.

“Quality is a family affair” is not only a slogan, but also the company’s philosophy, which makes it possible day after day to produce baked goods that always taste authentic and genuine, only the best selected ingredients and the right production processes to always obtain fragrant and tasteful products.

Alongside the historic bakery, the evolution today is PanBiscò: a new brand and business reality in which authentic values such as family and respect for the consumer are unquestionable cornerstones. Luigi Picerno leads the company with the support of his three children (Stella, Nicola and Rossana), his wife Maria and a team of excellent workers, constantly experimenting and inventing new and tasty products starting from bread. Last, in chronological order, the Bruschetta di Altamura®, an innovative, good and ready-to-eat product, and the Crostini Tozzapane®, a tasty and healthy snack, suitable for eating out and very versatile in the kitchen.

“Bread represents our identity, our essence”: this is the recurring phrase of Luigi Picerno, known as Gino. In his second term at the helm of the Consortium for the Valorization and Protection of Altamura Bread, in recent years he has sought to set out on a path of growth with the goal of increasing awareness of Altamura Bread in every corner of our country.

Not only the goodness of the food and the quality of the selected raw materials, but also a deep attention to the territory, and constant investment and support in the pivotal sectors for the growth of the Murgia area such as culture, tourism, sports and youth.