Press Release

Pane di Altamura DOP: 2nd Runner-up in MILAN – “TUTTOFOOD 2017” – International #atuttobrand award, #atuttaqualità category, artisan bakery company BISCÒ by Luigi Picerno.

Inside TUTTOFOOD, the international B2B trade fair dedicated to food & beverage, scheduled for May 8-11, the altamuran company BISCÒ, led by Luigi Picerno, a member of the Consortium for the Protection and Enhancement of the Altamura Bread DOP, with the legendary Altamura bread bearing the DOP mark, won the 2nd prize of the competition #atuttobrand 2017, dedicated to all the food excellence exhibited during the event. The category within which the product was nominated among 106 gastronomic excellences, achieving the important result is #atuttaqualità. The jury evaluated the products present at TUTTOFOOD 2017 by assessing parameters such as “Quality, Traceability, Control and Safety of Production Processes.”

A great achievement that rewards the Picerno family, which for more than 25 years, from father to son, has been churning out quality every day, delighting the palate of consumers and guaranteeing the origin of the raw materials and the indisputable goodness of the finished product.

Quality, in a nutshell, always pays off and pays off, all the more so if the bread, as in this case, is also controlled and branded “Prodotti di Qualità Puglia,” the word of Pane di Altamura DOP!

The Picerno Family