Kicking off the 2017 edition of “Food and Colors of the South,” reserved for professional chefs who will compete to the sound of delicious dishes on “Cuisine & Territory,” as part of the 11th edition of the “Maggi Memorial.”

On the two days of Tuesday, Nov. 14 and Wednesday, Nov. 15, under the patronage of the Apulia Region, the Municipality of Molfetta and the Italian Federation of Chefs and Unione Cuochi Puglia, a jam-packed event at the Neptune Ricevimenti location will feature more than just cooking shows or educational workshops.

Dedicated to students of Hotel Institutes and the many culinary enthusiasts, for the first time it was designed and intended to introduce them to the foods that are used daily on our tables, with a careful look at health and how to prepare, for example, tasty gluten-free products.

“As an Association – says the president of the Bari Chefs Association, Franco Lanza – we wanted to devote more attention to the products, especially enhancing the typical ones, but especially paying attention to nutrition, because we do not forget that food is also health, not only if it is good quality but also if it is prepared with small tricks that anyone can observe on a daily basis. In addition, during the event we will raise funds for the Agate Association – Volunteers Against Cancer.”

Admission is free, at the Neptune receptions location.