I have always loved rustic dishes that smell good and country, preferring them to sophisticated and elaborate dishes, and since I moved to live in the Tuscan/Emilian Apennines, almost two months ago, I have learned to appreciate even more simplicity in cooking and genuine foods that warm the soul.
This prosperous land at this time of year gives chestnuts in abundance, which I picked up while walking in the woods, and so I thought of preparing a warm onion soup with boiled chestnuts and Tozzapane® croutons from Altamura, perfect in these days that bring to mind that winter is just around the corner.
A permanent presence in my kitchen are these tasty handmade Tozzapane® crostini: preservative-free, toasted and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and oregano produced by the PanBiscò Company in Altamura.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.


Lorena Terenghi




Easy / Beginner

Per me who loves creams, creams and soups, having them on hand at all times is a real convenience and they are also great to munch on alone or with an aperitif.

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Recipe in Detail

For 4 people

  • About 1 kg of golden onions

  • 3 medium potatoes

  • a large knob of butter

  • cube or 500 ml meat stock

  • Parmesan cheese

  • 20 chestnuts

  • Tozzapane® croutons

  • Boil the chestnuts for about 30 minutes after which cut them in half and, using a teaspoon, scoop out the pulp and keep it aside.

  • Thinly slice the onions and potatoes.

  • In a large saucepan, melt a generous knob of butter then add the onions and potatoes; cook over low heat for about 25 minutes, stirring often and making sure they do not stick.

  • Add broth and adjust salt (or if using stock cube add 500 ml hot water), bring to a boil after which continue cooking over low heat for about an hour, stirring often. When the soup is finished cooking, it should be quite thick.

  • Add plenty of Parmesan cheese and mix well.

  • Serve piping hot with crumbled chestnuts and Tozzapane® croutons.


Tozzapane® croutons can be found in most popular supermarkets.

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