3-0 win against Gioiella Volley Gioia and double first place in the standings.

She Panbiscò Leonessa Volleyball Altamura has two season firsts in the C Series championship.

The red-and-whites beat Gioiella Volley Gioia 3-0 and also took first place in the overall league standings that are created by combining the rankings of the two rounds considering the average points per match.

It was 25-23, 25-15, 25-21 the partials of the match with a good, stubborn Leonessa against an aggressive Gioia despite having nothing to ask of their championship.

In the red-and-whites, moreover, a novelty appears from the first minute on the field. Hungarian, opposite, class of 2001. Gréta Halla made a strong debut in the Italian Serie C championship, contributing to the success of coach Marchisio’s team.

In the first set of the match, the Lionesses started hesitantly and despite an initial stretch to +3 on 3-6 by Gioia, which tied at 8, they could not find a lead over the Lionesses, who first got to +2 and then doubled the lead to 17-13. Gioia’s reaction turned the game around and deluded the Gioia women who managed to tie at 21, but to match point went Leonessa who on 24-22, made a mistake giving the 23rd point to the guests, then helpless on Leonessa’s 25-23.

In the second set, the first lead came late for Panbiscò Altamura, which tied again at 3 and, this time, also at 5, but stayed down until the break that took the partial from 6-8 to 9-8. Balance remained the real constant of this set, however, with the two teams even on the scores of 9 and 11, but a break with captain Paola Nuzzi serving saves the Leonessa from some difficulties as they manage to come back with an advantage in the field from the time-out called by Gioia. On 16-11 begins the control of the race by the Leonessa that slowly stretches the lead, going from a +4 to a +6 and to 21-14 after which it stops coming back from the second guest time-out. Gioia’s 15th point remained the last point for the Blue-Whites, who then surrendered to Leonessa’s 4-0 final.

Lots of balance in the third set, which only from 6-7 guest unlocked with as many as 4 ties in the few points before. However, the Lioness overturned the disadvantage by going to +4 and controlling a middle part of the match that suggested a similar ending to the second set with the Lioness on +5 maintaining the margin from 16-11 to 20-15. Gioia reacted only late in the set, shortening to -3 at 22-19, but it remained too late to win a contest that Leonessa would close shortly thereafter. On Leonessa’s 23rd point, Gioia forced a time-out on a worried Marchisio who did not want to see the set slip away from his girls on 23-21, and on the comeback the Altamurans executed to the best of their ability, closing the set on 25-21.

In the third set she also finds joy in the return to the court, albeit at a low pace, of former Giusi Masiello the Panbiscò Altamura, but the real source of pride for the Leonessa is the ranking.

Double first place and at home the first match of the play-offs and eventual finals for the red-and-whites, who will face Monteroni (winner in its championship match) as early as next weekend for the final first leg, which pending officialdom from Fipav should be played on Sunday.

Post-game interview

Post-game interview during PanBiscò Altamura’s 3-0 win over Gioiella Volley Gioia within the walls of the Palasport “Cupola”; with part of the management commenting on the regular season finale. In front of the microphones, from left to right: Vito Massaro, Giuseppe Pellicola, Nico Lorè, President Franco Demuro and the face of our main sponsor Gino Picerno.

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