The red-and-whites win the Apulia Cup with two 3-1 wins.

Ahe Palasport “Cupola” in Altamura was played on Saturday, April 8, for the Puglia Cup, and what came out of it is synonymous not only with passion for a sport, volleyball, that brought together people upon people throughout the day in two arenas to watch the semifinals and finals, but also for an event that was successful in the best way possible by the host team, Panbiscò Altamura, celebrating the sport before the final victory.

Victory, yes, because the Puglia Cup sees Panbiscò Altamura triumph ahead of Brindisi, the other finalist of the tournament with a clear 3-1 win with the partials of 25-13, 22-25, 25-13, 25-11.

The two finalists were coming to the last round, played at 5 p.m. on the same day, after early success for both. For Leonessa with another 3-1, at Monteroni, first in the other round of the C Series, with the partials of 25-13, 24-26, 25-19, 25-12.

While for the other, Aurora Volleyball Brindisi, with a 3-0 (25-17, 25-21, 25-21) win against Nardò that gave the third-ranked team in Group B success against the second-ranked team, belying all the desirable predictions on the eve of the match.

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The spectacle of the finals before the court, however, comes from outside, from the splendid entertainment to the super entertainment on the court, as well as a crowd that arrived in droves to watch, including from Brindisi, with drums, trumpets and placards enlivening the stands during the game.

A success that makes Panbiscò Altamura live serene Easter at home, but with something perhaps to fix in staying focused following a clear dominance, and as proof of this the double set lost after a 25-13, in the semifinal, but also in the final, with so many errors that could have resoundingly reopened the competition.

The Lioness, finally, closes with a success that on paper is the 25th consecutive, if you count the one by forfeit in the quarterfinals, between Serie C and the Puglia Cup, continuing to reaffirm, even at the regional level, the dominance from which that nickname of Leonessa, Lioness of Puglia, derives.

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