An important recognition for the patron of PanBiscò.

Luigi Picerno, president of the Consorsio per la Tutela e la Valorizzazione del Pane di Altamura DOP for two terms, is now president of CNA Puglia and national vice-president of CNA in the agri-food sector.

A leader in the bakery industry and in the production of artisanal cookies and other baked goods, Luigi Picerno makes his slogan, “Quality is a family affair,” the basis of Biscò’s successes, which since 1989, the year it was founded in Altamura, has grown from a small local business to a national benchmark in its field, becoming a “Certified Producer of Altamura Bread DOP” since 2013.

The family at the base, always by Luigi Picerno’s side are his wife Maria and his three children, for the successes achieved through careful selection of raw materials, respect for tradition and in artisanal processing methods, then a guarantee of goodness and genuineness for consumers.

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